Website Maintenance Services

Our website maintenance and support services are available when you are available. Website maintenance services use web maintenance to concurrently offer you free inbound marketing opportunities across the internet. We frequently see instances in which small businesses owners maintain their online investment is complete once they've had their business website designed, developed, and lacking live.

Our ongoing maintenance services give existing clients priority preparation for website maintenance and support services, such as website functionality and content updates, CMS software updates, SEO and SEM services, new product launches, presentation support, advertising campaigns, tradeshows, or ongoing marketing consultation and support and website AMC.

Examples of website maintenance services we offer

Content Management — adding, modifying or deleting existing content

Updates to products and services offered on the site

Adding imagery through illustrations and photos, adjusting existing visuals and optimizing them for better website performance

Adding new web pages, making changes to or deleting existing pages from the site

Making changes to the menus, reorganizing, adding or removing menu elements or making structural changes to the site navigation

Adding, modifying or deleting digital assets like PDF files, Video, Whitepapers, ebooks, either gated

Adding, removing, modifying or embedding videos on your site

Optimizing internal links, adding or deleting links, either internal or to other websites

Making changing styles examples include, background colors, fonts, text color, text sites

Adding or modifying forms like contact form, inquiry form

Setting up email accounts, deleting or modifying existing email accounts

Updates to e-Commerce offers, discounts and specials (subject to website maintenance plan)

On-page SEO (search engine optimization) enhancements provided it is a part of the website maintenance package chosen

Maintenance and updating of the interactive elements on your site 24/7 customer support and help


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