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Depex Technologies as a strategy to help customers Conceptualize, ideate & then we take over to strategize , Design, UI/UX, Making & building of the product as well as launch of the product and thereafter the Analysis, Scaling & further phases of Development and improving the product and also all kinds of Digital marketing help to the Conceptualizers, Business owner or the entrepreneurs.

The products we make are mainly Custom based developments and as per the budget of the client we choose the technologies Along with the overall requirements and needs for an MVP (Minimum viable product).


Depex Technologies Web Product Design and Development Process

Building a successful web product first requires a solid foundation, which must include a clearly articulated understanding of the requirements, the users and or the target audience (In marketing and advertising, a target audience, is a specific group of people within the target market at which a product or the marketing message of a product is aimed at.) and the potential marketplace. We take all of these conditions and translate them into a well characterized plan, which defines our approach and strategy for turning your idea into a viable product.

Our Web Product Design and development process includes:

Product Objectives and Expectations

Target Audiences and Personas

Competitive Analysis

Functional Requirements

Content Requirements

Language Selection and Localizations

Technical Requirements

Security Issues


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