Virtual Reality Development

We specialise in providing real VR solutions to some of the biggest companies around worldwide. As an official Samsung partner, we are able develop high-quality, custom virtual reality apps and software that drive profit and grow business for our clients.

We are a business that understands the needs of high-performing corporate companies because we have been there.

VR Services

  • 360 Videos

Our 360 degree videos give users a chance to experience a real world environment without leaving their house. Using state-of-the-art, seamless photography along with a VR headset, the feeling of being somewhere else has never been more real.

This style of virtual reality is revolutionizing the various industries as well as offering an innovative solution to virtual tours. We create custom videos depending on your needs so you can walk consumers through your environment no matter where they are.

  • VR Application Development

Our VR fashion show app gave consumers a chance to view a garment and see how it flows and fits from their own home. We created 3D avatars to showcase the clothing within the app and matched fabric patterns with the current styles being used in manufacturing. Users could sample a range of different items, similar to online shopping, but were able to see more clearly how items would fit in real life.

  • 3D Modeling

Using our specialized software, we can create a graphic representation of the surface of any 3D object that users can interact with in a virtual world. An example of this is the models we created to showcase clothing garments in our virtual fashion show app. Users can select to view a range of clothing items on the rendered models to see a real-world simulation of how the items fit on the model.

  • Consulting

We understand that VR is an emerging technology and that not every business can see the important role it has to play in the corporate world. At Virtual Reality Ventures, we have worked closely with Fortune 500 companies, including leading management consulting firm, and have a large client portfolio as well as highly researched insights into the application of VR across several major industries.

Given our deep understanding of virtual reality as a medium, we are able to offer in-depth, professional consultation on how VR is able to play a key role in generating new business, growing profit and attracting leading talent for your company.

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