Software Products

Depex Technologies makes awesome Small & medium IT products which are complete with web Apps as well as Mobile Apps ( Android&ios) all integrated together as a complete product end to end.

The products we make are mainly Custom based developments and as per the budget of the client we choose the technologies Along with the overall requirements and needs for an MVP (Minimum viable product).

The following technologies are used to make products of the future:

Javascript Technologies







PHP based Technologies

Core PHP


PHP Laravel

PHP Codeigniter


Zend framework

CMS based







Microsoft Technologies

.NET Framework

Microsoft technologies

Google Android

- Java

- Kotlin

Apple iOS

- Swift

- Objective-C

We prefer to use MVC based application architecture for building all our applications.

The following criterion is what we feel are important in choosing the right technology stack for your products:

  • MVP features and functionalities
  • Future Scalability of your product
  • Speed, efficiency& performance of the Product needed
  • Ease of integration with other platforms and existing Apps( In case )

If your budget is low we still suggest you go further with the best of the latest technologies available like the Javascript technologies But if your budget is very low then sometimes we would have to compromise and choose PHP based or even CMS based product line as well so what we can provide you is completely dependent on your budget allocation for the product.

Notable is the fact that all futuristic products are today made on Javascript technologies as well as Native Mobile Platforms such as Android and ios hence we prefer the same.

Notable also is the fact that as a company policy we prefer only Cloud based servers and we suggest to host it to a cloud server only due to high rendering and better overall performance of your products/Apps.

Some of the best Cloud companies we work with and suggest over to our clients are:

Amazon web Services

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud

For Enterprise Applications and product line – We would discuss it separately as our solutions comprises of Chatbots, Enterprise Apps as well as Enterprise Products line

There is a separate page on this same website of ours for Enterprise technologies and product line as well please visit that and let us know if you have any products to be made or Apps or any business idea etc. We would love to connect over with you.

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