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Depex offers the top PhoneGap solutions to their wide range of clients. This tool helps in enabling the software programmers of our company to build special applications, for various mobile devices. Depex only focus towards those mobile platforms, using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 platform. This also helps in offering the finest JavaScript codes along with CSS platform, which depends on the device and its necessary platform.

Depex is a pocket friendly mobile app development company develop apps using PhoneGap app:

This platform uses HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, thus there is no requirement for developers to learn other difficult languages for coding mobile apps.

Like to native app, PhoneGap apps can be installed without difficulty.

General Hardware Capabilities already supported like Camera, Contacts, Statusbar, Network, Files, GPS, Geo-location, and Accelerometer & More.

One of the untimely technologies / platforms accessible for cross-platform.

PhoneGap has been integrated with different libraries that ease the development of application’s functionality and saves development moment.

PhoneGap is in essence free software due to its open source license.

With the help of PhoneGap, it is simple to distribute and market the application at the app store.

PhoneGap is its aptitude to tap into a Smartphone’s hardware like the camera, accelerometer, geo-location hardware, etc.

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