Online reputation Management

We understand very well how critical is the reputation of a company for it to grow and how it impacts the ability of a company to increase its revenues. We at Depex have experts who have the right mindset and are fully trained and are equipped with all the tools required to improve your reputation in the world of online business.

At Depex we realize how the reputation and the name of the name speak for itself and our team of experts are well aware, trained and well equipped with the required tools for improving the name and ranking of a particular brand. The professionals working at Depex research all the information which is posted negatively about your brand, by virtue of the various tools and applications and aim at improving your credibility in the digital world.

How Will We Do It?

Nothing matters more for us than our own reputation. Therefore, we do everything to ensure that we should not fail in any project. We follow three steps: Research, Planning & Execution.


Our research mainly focuses on these below mentioned points:

How old complaint is

How much power the complaint has gained

How much powerful other positive search results are

Which of them can be used to make search results favourable for you and outrank the review

If available positive results are not strong enough, what else can be done?


Once research is finished, our research and execution teams sit together and discuss the findings to make an unbeatable plan and determine how plan can be used in a better way.


Lastly, everything is smartly done as per plan and result is delivered within committed time.


Improves employee retention and talent management, attracting better applicants and retaining vital                     knowledge workers.

Understand your values and mission; Helps increase the chance of success of new product releases.

Be prepared to admit faults and correct them.

Ensure that your structures and operations/processes are "fit for purpose".

Have a strong brand identity and clear positioning.

Keep private things private, while assuming nothing is truly private.

Makes your brand or organisation top choice amongst key target groups.

Keep an eye out for Social Stream to aggregate multiple social accounts.

Reverse The Negative

Create strong online presence

Fix the bad reviews

Daily Monitoring and Maintenance etc...


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