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Depex Technologies offers digital marketing services for the expansion of your business online. We believe in the development of the businesses of our clients in the digital world. Digital marketing is now important for building our networks online and attracting more users towards a business. Our services fulfill the demands of the clients in achieving the required target. As we are the best digital marketing company in USA , we are glad to offer our digital marketing services in India as well to small businesses and industrial clients.

Why you need digital marketing services?

In today's digital era, people prefer searching for things or products online for comparing and selecting the best among them. Digital marketing allows you to reach people early and make your brand visible to them by different means which results in the growth of your business. Other than this there are many reasons for the need for digital marketing:


Reaches users through mobile: Specialized Face book and instagram ads can be shown to people on their feeds.

Affordable than other marketing options: It is quite measurable and cheaper than traditional marketing approaches

Provides advertisement of your brand on different platforms: You can target cross platform to promote your brand.

Retargeting Audiences:You can target the audiences who shown interest in your business or similar product. You can also create lookalike audiences to generate leads through it.

Increasing Fan base of Your Brand:It helps in increasing brand awareness and allows you to reach out to your consumers as well. As per the research it is seen that the followers who follow brands are tend to buy products and services.

Essential Features

Some essential features of digital marketing are:

Helps you to Generate Leads and Reach out to potential consumers.

Increases brand awareness and improves search engine visibility.

Marketing Strategies can be measured, analyzed and re-processed.

Tracking consumers in Real-Time.

Digital Marketing Packages

We offer digital marketing services to our clients at affordable prices. Our digital marketing packages include SEM (search engine marketing), social media marketing (on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.), email marketing, paid marketing, Post Boost Strategies etc. You can also make customize packages according to your business needs and marketing budget. We always aim to offer scalable and measurable solutions which could help you in your business growth.

Hire Digital marketing Agency

We are a professional digital marketing agency which can guide you towards running specialized digital marketing ads and campaign on various ad platforms. We can also help you to grow your organic reach effectively by following innovative method and marketing strategies. As we are catering to large number of consumers and businesses across various countries, we aim to help you increase your business reach globally without any limitations of locations


Search Engine Optimization

Create an end-to-end taxi controlling system with maximized uptime. Our Cabily product is to elevate the taxi startups and let them cope up with the market drifts. Cabily is an efficient taxi management solution to get more business, more customers, and gain more revenue.

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Social Media Optimization

We develop custom products for Oil & Gas industry so that you can switch all your task from one control panel and can retain a track of your business and upsurge productivity by necessary optimization. Our mission is to allow enterprises and real estate landlords to successfully implement next gen energy management plans and enhance costs.

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Pay Per Click

Buyfii is one of the most versatile multi-vendor shopping cart software applications available at an affordable cost, and if you want security, stability, scalability and an architecture that will adapt perfectly to the needs of your business.

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Online Reputation Management

We have the solution for online food ordering product for the restaurant business as like Food Panda or Just Eat. This contains great admin dashboard, web app for all of your users, have a scalable server, replace logo and other artistic pieces like Splash Screen, etc.etc.

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App Store Optimization

ProPert is an online real estate buy sell rent property listings website and mobile application that resembles with the help of this fantastic script. It is Responsive, advanced listings filters & search, frontend submission, user profiles, property item bookmark.

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