iBeacon App Development Services

iBeacon App Development Services

Depex Technologies is expertised in terms of wide range of tech solutions to offer extensive growth centric solutions to businesses. Since, we are catering in various verticals, the iBeacon App development services is one of our core area to utilize the potential of apple standards that can power your app with capabilities such as location tracking, Bluetooth etc. It works magically on Bluetooth and radio based standards to offer smart solutions for your business based applications.

Why you need iBeacon App Development services?

The iBeacon is a powerful solution for catering to proximity based services. It could help you to reach out to consumers in a particular area or location. For ex- You can make a in-store app to tell users about new products and offers which could help businesses in terms of promoting their products. Since, iBeacon use the radio waves capability to disseminate information to the users it could be a very good tools to reach out to consumers. We are experienced iBeacon app development company to help you build your influential product.

Features of iBeacon App Development

In-Tech Marketing: You can target marketing through the features of your app by utilizing the power of ibeacon services. For ex- You can send push notifications to users who come to your store.

Making Mobile Payments Easy: The ibeacon configuration app can help you to integrate payments easily. It can help in terms of implementing easy payment solutions for your clients.

Location based tracking: The ibeacon service offers navigation which can help users in locating to your store or business easily. It can also help travel and tours based businesses to utilize the capability of location based tracking.

Real-Time Consumer Tracking:The consumer behaviour can help you to understand your target consumers better. You can integrate innovative features on your app to track what your consumers like.

Sensor Based Apps:If you cater to industrial solutions, the sensors can be quite helpful in terms of giving you real time data like- Temperature, weather, humidity measurement etc

Hire iBeacon Company to Get Your Solution Delivered

We have a excellent in-house app development team to help you in terms of delivering iBeacon configuration and features in your iOS Apps. We understand your needs properly and can help you to utilize best features of iBeacon. It is no more a tough thing to search for developers now.


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