Google Cloud Computing

Run your application using the similar technology and tools used to build Google’s Platform. Cloud Solution provides you options for computing and hosting. You can choose to work with a managed application platform, leverage container technologies to gain lots of flexibility or build your own cloud-based infrastructure to have the most control and flexibility. It's a Fast and amp, secure solutions for eBusiness.

Since 2001, Google have been structure one of the fastest, most powerful and highest-quality cloud infrastructures on the planet. Internally, Google use this substructure for several high-traffic and global-scale services, including Gmail, Maps, YouTube and Search. Because of the size and scale of these services, Google have put a lot of work into optimizing their infrastructure and creating a suite of tools and services to achieve it effectively.

Key features and benefits

Protected and highly scalable hosting of data-driven applications,

Supple deployment and cost-effective pricing

Established development environments for Java, Python and other programming languages

Succeeded hosting of Hadoop and Spark clusters

Google Cloud Platform allows developers to build, test, and organize applications on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure. Choose from computing, storage and application services for your web, mobile, and backend answers.


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