Entrepreneurship Cell

Depex Technologies operates as a “Business incubator” able to facilitate business creation and speed up the start-up process for you and further to build your start-up business to an Enterprise level & further support to you too at all times.

Depex is interested in particular, but not exclusively, in so-called Community Platforms too, or all those types of business that bring added value to the well-being of the community and that often are realized with the support and / or collaboration of the Communities involved whether Local, State, national OR International as we operate at all levels of the global world .

If you have an innovative idea OR Concept and want to turn it into business or A Start-up i.e if you want to create your own business or start-up & need help in starting over or Conceptualizing or Innovating or Ideating OR If you just want to start over on your idea and need all the help further starting with even ideating – We at Depex can help you do all of this and can help you build your business entities as well as your complete business and also to enhance it to a start-up level and further more to an Enterprise level too

Our Acceleration Programs

We are your development and business partner. Our acceleration programs are tailor-made to the reality and needs of any entrepreneurs. The approach and content are continuously being developed and enhanced to give you world class acceleration.

Plan to Succeed

At Depex we have developed a different and intuitive way of planning for your business. We ensure that you are introduced to our exclusive tools, and given the necessary support to analyze your business, its reality and the obstacles to growth you are faced with; craft approaches and tactics that can help you overcome these obstacles; and then aid you in the execution of these strategies and plans. Further our outfits assist you in capturing the learning of this process and iterate, slowly refining your strategies and your overall business model into excellence.

Our exploit-oriented and practical tackles designed to the highest pedagogical standards enable you to understand all areas of your business, their interdependence and significance in regards to your external realities; but they also make it easy to co-develop and share this with your team, your mentors and advisers; and even probable investors.

Our Fellowship

Our works are built around unleashing the mutual talents of the cohort, which merged with the skillful facilitation and the tools and methodology the Depex crew has perfected over a decade, leads to in-deepness analysis of your business and creates solutions to obstacles faced. By learning and borrowing from your fellow entrepreneurs your strategies are sharpened and your business model iterated to flawlessness.

Success Breeds Success

Depex Technologies is known for enticing the most thrilling upcoming enterprises and the most ambitious and energetic entrepreneurs, it’s consequently no surprise that many top managers, successful entrepreneurs and seasoned investment professionals volunteer their time, expertise and involvement to our entrepreneurs.

Meet the Money

Depex works with notches of investors – institutional and individuals, private and public and we have been a part of the ecology for decades, which provides us with distinctive insights into how these investors think and make decisions. It also affords us with a profound understanding of which investors are right for you, when, and which are not – as well as how to structure your reserves at various stages of your growth.

It’s a Numbers Game

Our program assigned Growth Catalyst will build your economic model and train you and your team on how to utilize this model to test scenarios – how modifications in the external environment affects your business, or how new tactics and pivots in your business model will affect your finances.

Lead the Way to Success

Our leadership module provides simple structures, tackles and resources aiding you on your journey to become a true leader of your business, and the communities you will impact with your business. Proper leadership is built around a faithful style resonating with your values and beliefs, pairing that with ambition and daring – a deep root desire to see lives change for the better thanks to the business you have constructed.

Our Craftsmanship

Its purpose will however remain constant; to be a resource for entrepreneurs in their determination to better understand their business and the reality they operate in to aid in the empathy and diagnostics of problems, challenges and obstacles to growth, scale and wider success and to be a framework and tool in hewing solutions and strategies to key aspects of their business, whilst never losing sight of the bigger picture – the deeper purpose of existing as a business.

Enhance Your Entrepreneurial Leadership

Growing your business is demanding, challenging and often not a guaranteed success. Only few will succeed in this journey and convert sustainable and successful businesses. Obstacles will be inevitable and often we will find ourselves struggle to overcome them. It will be hard, by definition, but expect the unexpected. Not preparing to be prepared can become the biggest vulnerability of your business. We will help you to better prepare for hurdles that might arise along the way.

Depending on the needs of your startup, our leadership model includes:

Building a tailored leadership strategy that highlights your strengths and mitigates your weaknesses

Mastering team, advisers, and board leadership.

Determining your unique motivations and skills.

Understanding what drives change and how you can leverage these factors.

Improving your crisis management skills, and strengthening your team and your leadership and making them more resilient to unforeseen circumstances.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for determined, committed and innovative entrepreneurs whose post-revenue businesses are creating a positive impact in the communities they work in, either through their products or services or business model – particularly if:

Our digital transformation solutions help clients:

You have an innovative product or service in the market and have paying customers

You have a team of co-founders with a balanced skillset, who are ambitious, talented, committed and willing to learn from their peers and the Depex team

Your team have a burning desire to make the business the next big thing and scale internationally and making the business an impactful multimillion dollar success story

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