End to End Products

Depex Technologies makes awesome Small & medium IT products which are complete with web Apps as well as Mobile Apps ( Android&ios) Along with integrating some Software Business solution to them all integrated together as a complete product end to end.

The products we make are mainly Custom based developments and as per the budget of the client we choose the technologies Along with the overall requirements and needs for an MVP (Minimum viable product).


The end to end products includes these various types of Apps, Software and business solutions to them:

Web Apps i.e. web applications may be in some case just a promotional website too

Mobile Apps i.e. Mobile Applications may be in some case our Ready-made mobility solutions too

Desktop software or Standalone software’s OR Software Business solutions OR Specific types of software such as CRM, ERP or Hotel management software OR Inventory management software and so on

Cloud based solutions or product is what we make and Deliver and sometimes we also integrate cloud analytics or Cloud software packages along with our products to make end to end software products


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