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The Real Benefits of a Custom built e-Commerce Solution

A Consistent Brand Identity :

When it comes to professional website design, you need to make sure that your website offers a consistent view of your brand identity. Your website, general logo, offline content and even social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn) all need to reflect the same identity in order to form a completely coherent identity. Brands with a consistent identity are not only much more memorable in the eyes of their customers; they are also much more trustworthy.

Building trust is one of the most difficult and essential strategies if you want to encourage your users to convert into customers.

Drive Sales And Encourage High Levels Of Engagement :

Getting your customers to engage with your brand and buy the products or services that you can provide is often extremely difficult. With a Custom built eCommerce solution, you can effectively create a conversion funnel to convince your customers to purchase your products or services.

Create The Online Presence That You Need :

The major issue with premade website and standardized designs is that they don't have the personal touch that a Custom built solution will provide. With completely Custom built eCommerce solutions, such as those our eCommerce agency team can provide, you can create any kind of online presence you require.

By assigning unique business rules to your online presence, your website will be able to provide different levels of functionality, including B2B and B2C account logins, targeted marketing efforts and more. When it comes to Custom built eCommerce, no one does it better than the professional team at Depex

Less Spending Down The Road :

By creating a completely unique and functional online presence now, you can drastically cut down on upgrade costs in the future. As technology, trends and customer expectations continue to evolve; you'll be able to quickly and easily upgrade your website to ensure that it progresses with them

An e-Commerce and Content Management System for You

Behind every website that we create lays a powerful ecommerce management system. This system is designed to offer complete functionality and incredible levels of user-friendliness. Not only can it allow easy integration with any warehouse software or systems that your business might depend upon, it can cut down on costs across your retail system. You can automate order uploads and delivery information to ensure that there is no space for human error in the entire process, which can really impact customer service in a positive way.

Similarly, you can easily integrate your online retail platform with any other accounts or sales avenues that you make the most of online. For example, you can integrate your dedicated and Custom built online presence with 3rd party stores, like eBay, Amazon and more. It is also possible to include any MOTO or other ordering systems that you already have in place, to ensure a smooth transition and encourage several different avenues of interaction with your business.

When it comes to content management, our custom built ecommerce solution will feature the latest and simplest form of content management systems. You can easily upload pages and blogs to your website through a handy, SEO optimized template that can provide real benefits to your online presence as a whole. Making sure that your high-quality website is filled with high-quality content is absolutely essential if you hope to rank well in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Some of the best CMS for Ecommerce we use are as per priority:

Magento Ecommerce – Most popular and trust worthy- Works for any number of products and any number of transactions

Wordpress Woocommerce- Works best for low no. of products and less transactions.

Opencart– Was very popular in the past but some clients migrating to Magento from open cart.

Zencart, Prestashop, Drupal ecommerce & others


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