Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean, Inc. is a cloud infrastructure provider focused on shortening web infrastructure for cloud computing developers. It was established in 2011 by Ben Uretsky. Company is headquartered in New York City with data centers all over the world. Digital Ocean bargains forums for developers and tutorials about open source topics by forming a community resource. It uses building blocks in order to scale the apps. They contain: obtainability (Load Balancers for allocating information and using Floating IPs for modifying the HA setup), droplets for workloads (SSD-based Droplets, High CPU and High Performance Droplets), replication, data storage (block storage for apps, backup needs, database and file storage), certification, alerting, monitoring etc.

Depex is an expert company in providing digital services for Ocean Cloud. Our improvement is that we quickly and properly succeed the structure of the cloud. Additionally, you can talk to Digital Ocean Cloud experts at Depex and get the precise info you need. Here is what you should suppose from our professional services.

Here is what you should expect from our professional services

Pre-build open source app

Highly accessible storage

Deploy in seconds, Simple API & SSD performance

Whirlwind fast network

Digital Ocean benefit for developers networks rapidly play with application and organized over cloud infrastructure, having high availability for good range of services able to provide clarification for different type of application which trusts over network, storage, performance, API driven architecture. Digital Ocean provides solutions to whom like to go fast with deployment solution and good up-time for applications.


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