Digital Transformation

Today, digital transformation have evolved to include the Internet of Things, 3D printing, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Modern customers expect high levels of service, real-time access to information, and high quality product from every channel or line of business. Finding ways to react to and shape digital disruption should be on the agenda of every associate.

Nowadays, enterprises are expected to have a thorough understanding of their customer needs and should engage in a smarter way of customer interaction. Depex strives to help enterprises adapt to ever-changing technology needs, along with helping them meet their short-term goals.


What is digital transformation?

Discover the truth behind the buzzword...

Technologies and ways to change the way you do business and transform into a more efficient and effective Digital Business.

Technologies like Big Data Mobile Cloud containers Develops its these types of technologies are used in the Digital transformation journey to change the traditional ways to do business and make it agiler, mobile as well as improve efficiency and get better results and revenue and finally growth.

These technologies, these innovative new Companies like Airbnb & Uber are using to completely disrupt the business model and the industry using Digital Transformation.

To completely disrupt Traditional businesses To Develop new service and new products where you are not today but it is the future of your business so New services and new areas where your business is not there today but it also changes the way you do business at present.


Big Data

Big Data is created by Lots of users and the most users we have is all on Mobile so Mobile is extremely important as it gives the best User experience



When we talk about the Mobile Customer it is the customer who wants to interact using interactive systems that’s



Social and what is needed for more social users to interact which is big servers best of which is



Cloud and then your business would need your applications to Scale on time and ready for the market and how to do this kind of programming is using



Huge applications are broken down to small containerized applications and making it all easier to scale out and scale in but also scale out in the cloud in all dimensions( Read Integrations) and you can move them pretty much anywhere and in order to do this you need



DevOps - A new way of developing software where we take needs from Developers and needs from Operations and coagulating so they all work hand in hand in developing software

Most important point to consider this is all who got us Digital Transformation as it is in the work today as the most advanced, fast and cost-effective way to make a Digitally Successful Business disrupting the way the traditional business is carried out in the normal Brick & Mortar way OR Even in the traditional Digital way.These all innovations come over from no one else part from the same community of developers - Open source community.Such communities created multiple platforms and multiple technologies and platforms and all are useful for Digital transformation but primarily to be used for sure are as follows:


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