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Forecasting and Designing

Depex understand the client’s desires and plan a dashboard design that suffices to these requirements. An effective dashboard development permits the users to get better insight of a large amount of data using very simple graphs and illustrations.


Development Explanations

Get dynamic & interactive dashboard solutions that are eye-rich, scalable, & extensible to align them with the future supplies of the business. Services are capable of expanding your business and achieving the intended strategic, operational and strategic objectives.


Data Supervision and Consultation

These services extend beyond dashboard making and include extensive data management & consultation to permit the clients to use the data to their benefit. They really play a crucial role in the successful operation of businesses from different verticals.


Custom Development

Custom dashboard development necessitates creation of large completely data-driven folios, typically with slideshows, graphs, highlighting of data based on value, skill to manoeuvre graphs, ability to export data into pdfs, docs and excel files etc.

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Dashboard and Data Visualization

Our Dashboard Services help you make the right analysis by inspecting only the information you want to, in the exact manner you want. You can modify your dashboard with information you want, and choose the graphic representation which suits you the best. Depex’s smart and intuitive designs collection along with a wide range of visualizations and design options lets you create a pixel perfect dashboard using best practices in data visualization.

Depex offer a highly-customizable dashboard loaded with interactive charts, maps, score cards, indexes, grids and much more. This brings life to your valuable data and breathes power and flexibility to your data visualizations.

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Dashboard Industries

Our Industry expertise is backed by the perfect experience of our team, regardless of the size of business, Depex has best of the strain solutions for all. The industry insights that will enable your organization to win, you just need to reach out to us, we will provide you the answer to your most intricate industry problems on any platform.

You can test hypothesis, norms and strategies on data dealings to view the impact. With advanced dashboard and data visualization solutions from Depex, you can create powerful stories using data points. So break away from traditional spreadsheets and basic data presentations and build stunning visualizations in a matter of minutes!

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Our customers love DEPEX because it empowers them to build their own dashboards. Sure, it takes time to get it right, but it’s absolutely worth it.

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