Big Data Analytics Services

Big Data Analytics Services

The trends of data is changing day by day, the businesses are using the possibilities and potential of data science to drive their growth and success. In terms of re-defining business strategy and processes, the big data analytics can be a buzz behind your business success. It deals with various integrated frameworks and algorithms to help in terms of implementing data driven solutions for your business applications. It is not limited to serving consumers, it might help you to access and analyze the business growth to prospect a better future. We at Depex Technologies help organizations with the consultancy and planning of data driven Big Data analytics solutions.

Data Driven Approach- Analyzing the Pool of Information

The Big Data services can be very helpful in terms of accessing and analyzing large pool of information. These information can be either sourced from the deep business processes or it may be gathered through various other business sources. The big data can help in terms of forecasting and predicting the business growth by the use of intelligent systems and resource solutions. Here are the few matrices how data driven approach can help you in business growth:

Accessing & Forecasting Business Processes: The Big Data is capable of searching for the best information out of large pool of data. It has the capability to forecast business sales and inventories based upon the historical matrices of your business.

Improve Efficiency of Supply Chain:The big data can help you take right decisions at the right time by completely assisting you in terms of running business process to satisfy supply chain demand.

Improving KPIs for Business Growth: The big data can also give you key performance indicators for your business to help your prospect the business growth. It can deeply dive into the data and can help you take informed decisions.

Technologies in Big Data

We offer wide range of solutions developed in latest technologies to keep your project up to date in accordance to industry standards. Here are the few technologies which we use for developing big data analytics services.

NoSQL: Mongo DB, Redis, Casandra, Couch DB.

Hadoop: Based Software solutions for Big Data.

Analytics: Services in Intellicus and Good Data.

Amazon: Web Services.

Big Data Analytics Solutions

We offer extensive solutions which deals with analyzing the data using the approaches like- Focus Area, Trend Analysis etc. We also deliver machine learning solutions for in-depth data research by using high end data analysis techniques. Being one of the big data companies in India, we ensure best algorithms and technologies are delivered to the businesses in terms of helping them with big data analytics solutions. Our expertise can really help in delivering best solutions for your business growth and success.


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