Amazon Web Services

We are fit experienced AWS provider, Depex is the power of AWS Cloud Computing to make a sole offering power of Amazon’s robust cloud platform with Depex expertise in cloud integration. Depex has been providing finest Business-to-Business integration and cloud to cloud facilities.

We have a strong track record in feasibility & technical assessment, re-evaluation, improvement and automation of organizational business routes and architecture. Clients enjoy easy configuration, lower costs and quicker deployment of complex workloads on Cloud.

We provide a 360-degree assignation methodology to understand Business Requirements and translate them in terms of IT Solutions & Services on Cloud.

Our experts can help you for:

Our AWS cloud facilities starts from Cloud consulting & designing, and spreads into migration planning, migration implementation, application development, and data control.

Skilled cloud infrastructure management.

Understand and use Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for data storage and recovery

Rapidly setup and use Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) and Amazon Simple DB for data storage

Cloud consulting and auditing services to design scalable and well-organized application

Designing cloud solutions pertaining to resources, networking platform and data security

Assessing cloud readiness for creation of future roadmap

Migration recommendation founded on existing IT infrastructure analysis

Accurate scheme management to effortlessly migrate data center to Cloud platform

Customized application development to enhance data transferability and business operations

Implementing cloud automation for automatic deployment of IT environment

Configure tradition monitoring: we will monitor any service, anywhere, in reliable and secure fashion by industry standard software

We can collaborate with you and your team in a diversity of ways. We can accomplish all deployment, server management, and support requirements for you. Moreover, we can provide per-incident based support assistance to enable more responsive error resolve. You're completely in control of your cloud infrastructure with our Amazon Web Services referring.


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