About Buyfii

Buyfii (an Amazon Clone) is an e-commerce web-store where business dedicated to buying and selling products online. A multi-vendor e-commerce website & mobile app is a revolution where various vendors from different geographical location get associated to sell their products and earn commission on the products sold online by them.

Buyfii is one of the most versatile multi vendor shopping cart software applications available at an affordable cost, and if you want security, stability, scalability and an architecture that will adapt perfectly to the needs of your business, this solution will provide you with everything you need..


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Buyfii | Amazon clone | Multi-vendor E-commerce Website & App

Build your own Online Shopping Web Store Website & Mobile App in a few hours

Buyfii is 100% a fully customizable code and it offers you the flexibility to modify it based on your unique business needs. A multi-vendor script essentially allows you to create an online environment for both sellers and buyers to sign up, post or buy products and participate in auctions that will bring them the profit levels or the specific products they are looking for.

With Buyfii, you basically reach a whole new level of efficiency when it comes to facilitating all these benefits.

It is user friendly

It is pretty easy to install and maintain it

Don’t need technical expertise to get started with your site

Prompt upgrades from us keeps you on the edge of your e-commerce business

With the latest version released, you get the most exciting and cool plug-ins along with it

Why “Buyfii”?

Buyfii is the best solution to start own online shop or bookstore, and to globalize customer base. It is the Best Amazon Clone Script that can be integrated into your existing website and it’s the best choice for people who want to market their products online. The advantage of working with us is the fact that we’ve already got the base ready for you. We have the base Buyfii platform ready for you and since the platform is highly expandable and customization, we can easily modify it to match with your requirements.

Powerful Features:

A multi-vendor script essentially allows you to create an online environment for both...

Rel-Affiliate Tracking:

It is used to track the promotions, campaigns and branding report on the platform where seller need...

Review Ratings:

Users/Buyer should be able to review and rate their experiences of buying products from the platform...

Best Search Module:

Search result page with advanced sorting and detailed filters showing the result - product images...

Manage Payment:

Seller should be able to view all the transactions that have occurred within the application and the automated...

Referral Management:

They provide an Invite option to the users and makes them earn referral bonus on each user sign up...

Admin Dashboard

Easy online backup runs quietly in the background and it won’t affect your current process and the backup is always ready for restore.

SEO Friendly:

Seller & Guest can easily communicate with our advanced message communication System to sharing the locations, landmarks, timings about the stay.

Message System

Ensure flexibility to users & seller while interacting with each other. Allow them to register with social media sign-up like FB, Gmail & Linked-In accounts.

Easy Payment Method:

As we focus on providing the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure to operate online payment systems for our users, we adopt STRIPE, BRAINTREE, PAYPAL payment gateway. Just pay by credit card or use up the wallet money stored in their app account. Simply WOW !!!

CMS Management

Admin has the authority to manage the content of the website as well as he/she can view and edit the content.

Fully Responsive:

This web design ensures website to fit best on all web-enabled devices including smartphones, iPads and tablets.

Admin Features

Dashboard & analytic:

The Admin dashboard let the admin to manage the whole website including the products, customers, orders etc. effectively.

General settings:

SMTP info, site info, contact inquiry, banner, FAQ, currency, vouchers, manage customer & seller information can be managed.

Social media page settings:

Admin can easily share promo codes, reviews etc on their social media accounts easily using the simple social sharing buttons available inside the...

Add & Manage Products and Order:

New seller and there products can be added from the admin back end, as well as the seller’s item, orders, payments all can be managed.

Sub admin settings:

An Admin can log into the app using the web. Allowing both the Super admin and sub-admin to easily manage.

Email & Contact setting:

An email notification will be sent to the registered email id upon Registration and booking of each and every new order initiated by customer along with complete details.

User Management:

Search User, Block User, Search by Name, Search by Email etc. And manage their personal details as well.

Payment & Commission Management:

Any options can be presented to the customer to pay cash-on-delivery, or through cards, or through payment gateways. And manage commission for seller on every order placed to the customer.

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